Silently Crying

The silent groanings of my disguised pain swept across the ocean waves , perplexed by life mysteries and disappointments.

I glazed from the windows plaques view of what is true humanity, I hummed in silence to the songs of my soul yet the constant drumming of anticipation awaits.

Anxiety wraps my arms in bondage of the sacrifices of the shiny soldiers who depends on my independence.

Life is " GRANDE" they all say but not until you walk in the shoes of a mother whose sobbing is endless and the cry of care and help is ignored.

So we all dresses ourselves daily ready to face the world with all the boldness that our soul possess but she shines radiantly through the tears at the midst of dawn . There will never be any sunsets unless we had a sunrise and no stars unless the sky allows it.

The silent cry of our being is the deep imaginative and cognitive skill of our souls that cries a river but built in a ocean of togetherness. So cry on, and sail through the journey of endless waters.

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