How can we help?

Our commitment is to offer wholistic assistance, guidance, support, workshops, seminars, care management services and community resources to children and families that are struggling with behavioral, emotional, and development issues. We provide various support groups that help families to deal with issues such as;

  • Substance use 

  • Mental Wellness

  • Divorce

  • Financial Challenges  

  • Grief

  • Behavioral issues

  • Child Development 

  • Parenting

We work in a coalition with other organizations and service providers with a similar core value to enhance the physical, mental, emotional and social well being of children and families. 

Happy Senior Couple
Happy Family
Friends Taking Selfie
Mother and Daughter
Multi-ethnic Group of Friends
What We Do
Comprehensive Assessment Services
Family Support/Education/Advocacy
Community Development and Prevention Programs
Juvenile and Detention programs
Classroom and Behavior Management (Tutoring etc)
Support Groups
Anxiety and Stress Management
Spiritual/Holistic Healing
Self-Love and Mental Wellness Counseling
Child Development -Etiquette and Grooming
Conflict Resolution and Bullying Prevention
Follow up Services
Linkage and Referral Services for Higher Level Care